Sunday, March 11, 2007

before i went to service this afternoon..

i was planning to write this totally self-depricating blog based on recent circumstances that SEEM to have unexpectedly soured (left a bad taste in my mouth and the mouth of a person i had absolutely NO INTENTIONS of souring--though my heart's apology has been extended & my hope is that though a lil soured, all is not spoiled rotten). anyway, the thoughts had been so heavy on my heart that i jotted them down in my phone on the train ride to church and planned to post it up right here on the walls of my virtual airing room...

but in all of that, i still found my way into the house of the Lord this afternoon, expecting to, at the least, lay my burdens down in a real way, and at the most, find the HOPE that one very much needs in order to keep moving successfully forward on this journey. i know I DO, anyway. and wouldn't you know, i walked right out of there on the WIND of UNDERSTANDING that GOD WILL TRANSFORM any situation you find yourself in to his glory. and i mean, i can't credit all of this inspired revelation solely on today's service, because my parents are my constant seed sewers of hopes and dreams supported, praying wonderful blessings and wisdom and grace into my life on a continual basis. BUT just as they have been very encouraging to me over the past few days--month/my whole life!-- the scriptures and truths they've spoken to me were parallaled and confirmed by what i heard today.

you know how sometimes you go to church and it's something basic that you need to hear as a christian living life in a real way but you're like half listening/half sleep or being distracted by whatever, but then other times you go needing to HEAR something pertaining to YOU and YO'OWN SELF STRUGGLES and you GAIN A TRUE(er) UNDERSTANDING of an answer that very well could've been tailormade by God for you to hear at that very moment... well yeah, that's what today was. A revelation of things i already knew but certainly needed reminding of:
The encouragement to ASK in faith and WALK in faith towards THAT VISION that is already laid out.

Why do i always end up typing wayyy more than i anticipated.....!

I guess my bottom line is that TODAY March 11, 2007 I am asking in faith that the Lord TRANSFORM my current situation. I seem to be standing on the bottom/periphery of the next chapter of my life (undeterred by the past and a bit apprehensive of the future) and though I feel like I recently played my hand wrong, my prayer is that I cannot mistake my way out of my destiny, how it will unfold, or who I will share it with. And that a beautiful, fruitful, forgiving, passionate, unconditionally loving, life-enhancing, world changing destiny is not asking too much and is just the tip of what's to come for me and the brotha who's riding shotgun!

So sunday's prayer is a prayer of FAITH & THANKSGIVING for transforming my current situation into something that is truly indicative of God's fingerprint on MAI LYFE... and the hope for yet another chance at a graceful beginning.


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