Sunday, February 25, 2007

On passing out in the middle of New York City...

it's scary, lemme tell you. it really put things into perspective on taking really good care of yourself, healthwise, because it just isn't cool finding urself laid out on 5th Avenue. Thank God it happened just as i was leaving a clothing store... i literally passed through the doorway and at that moment it was like crossing the splitsecond threshold of consciousness, you know what i mean. like, i dont even remember passing through the glass door. i just know that i heard people standing over me and i turned my head and realized i was, infact, on the dirtyass ground out front of the store! bags and sunglasses strewn about... not good. at all. the best thing about the whole ordeal was how the manager and front clerk rushed over to attend to me. sat me down got me situated, brought over a bottle of cold water, and tried to make me as comfortable as possible, within their means. they were both very sweet and both said they could tell something was wrong before i went down. the front clerk could barely speak english but managed to get out that he would be praying for me (i think i'll take them a starbucks giftcard or sumn cause they didn't have to attend to me the way that they did). i couldn't really engage them very much because the whole thing was rather shocking for me. i mean, the last thing i think i'm EVER about to do is pass out. and i really didn't know what to do, who to call. it's interesting, having an idea in your head of what you'd do in an emergency situation but then when one actually occurs feelin totally clueless. rationalizing that maybe this isn't really a big enough emergency to call someone, anyone out of their way to come and help you. or that everything is happening so quickly that you can't really wrap ur mind around who to reach out to if something like that happens. i have friends, (one just asked me why i didn't call him; i told him i didn't wanna bother him cause he was workin all the way in BK and i was in midtown...) but i haven't established a definite plan of action or a "LOOK IF ANYTHING JUMPS OFF I'M CALLING YOU..." with anyone in particular. i thought to call my parents but they're to far to do anything, i knew they would pray, but i spoke to them way after the fact. the bottomline is that with 15, 20 minutes later and a cool bottle of water i pretty much had my bearings and was able to get on the train to go home. back to taking care of oneself, i dont think i'd had enough to eat in the past couple of days, being ill and all, and i was just doing way too much tryin to run errands on little sustenance. i really realize that i need to UNLEARN the habit of not eating just because i don't particularly have an appetite. carry crackers and fruit or sumn to snack on throughout the day really... geez. i'm all good now. layin bed, mad sore from the fall and everything but..... i'll be ok.

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