Friday, February 23, 2007

Dag! Change lika mu'g...

who knew
February 2007
would end up being
the official CHANGE jumpoff?

Didn't nobody tell me that

the one relationship (w/a boy)
that i'd really been content to exist in
and the one job that i thought was really
tailormade for me

would both be ending
in this month/3wks to the day-
just as suddenly as they'd appeared.
(not to mention the LOSS
of my favorite pair of legwarmmers...)

it's interesting, the parallels between the two...
noticing the change of temprement
and how the interaction
had shifted,
the commaderie at work
the affection at home.
the consolation prizes:
the cell phone/a weeks pay-
kind gestures of realizing that
something that i immediately needed
could be provided
since there would be no
long term relationship
to sustain.

certainly there is something inspirational
to be found in all of this

the reality of HAVING TO trust the Almighty
be still and know that I am God
your steps are ordered
in all things, give thanx
allll things work together for the good
of those who love God
and have been called
according to his purpose
the Lord will make a way out of no way
the peace that passes
will guide your heart and mind.

thank God i've stopped being
over the end of the relationship
i thought was so beautifully cultivating.
i don't have any tears left for that
and i don't have any for this either.
i am eternally grateful
for having experienced both.
i aim to live this life
from hilltop to hilltop
spending as little time
in the valley's between
as possible.

better things are in the making.
i can tell.
i can feel it.
the year is still new.
and it's still being good to me.


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