Tuesday, January 30, 2007

dance class doozie.... (pt 2)

i came in @ 10:05 (thank God i got a ride) and went immediately into a steaming shower.... it was 10:35 when i got out..


...shouldn't the loveofmylife exist so he can pour warmlove over my feeeeeet(&legs&back).


dance class doozie....

dag........... i went to african dance class today.. the first time i've been to formal class in YEARS!!! boy, lemme tell u.. whatever grace and ease at movement i THOUGHT i had, went out the window once them drums started up! bayyybeh.. OhMyGahhhhh... lemme'tellya, it was one hour of
sssssssttttrrrreeetttttcccchhhhiiiiinnnnggggg my long body
and then somebody pulled the trigger and we were OFF!!!
feetarmsheadUP/feetarmsheadDOWN feetarmsheadUP
i didn't keep up.. i just KEPT. kept moving.. kept dancing. dancing wrong. wrong foot. wrong turn. wrong kick. wrong clap! but i had the time of my life....... so me thinks we shall keep going til i ain't got no mo' dance left in us.

The poem 2/17/07 10:41 pm-

…the dance in me... (first draft)


went to african dance today..

first time goin’ to formal class since

the last time i went to formal class.

and that’s been


boooy, lemme tell u..

whatever grace&ease at movement

i THOUGHT i owned

surely needed reexamining

once them drums gave


bayyybeh...OhMyGahhh ...lemme'tellya!

it was one complete hour of


my long form

into ancestral expressions

then someone pulled a trigger

and we were OFF!!!



i didn't keep up.. i just KEPT.

kept moving.. kept breathing.. kept dancing.

dancing wrong. wrong foot. wrong turn. wrong kick. wrong clap!

a masterpiece

of mess in the middle...

the panache of graceful struggle.




i had the time of my life.......

exquisite exasperation,

and the resolve to carry on.

so me thinks

we shall keep going

‘til i ain't got

no mo' dance

left in


Monday, January 29, 2007

progression indeed....

so much is taking place these days! i can't believe we're just twenty eight days into the new year. God is so good, and i'm still completely excited about what is unfolding, not only in my own life but in the lives of those in my circle of influence and whom i dearly love (shout out to cwj, nsa, jamflood, stephy, t.k.rose, joWebb, sophyG & the honorable dr. njob-- big things are unfolding). we are ALL doing our thing and it's just a matter of time. things i know for sure: it's only a matter of time before dreams blossom into realities when you are on the right path and doing what you are supposed to do. that's such a generic way to say it, but it's true. not only that, but add the equation of the Hand of God on your life and guidance of his Holy Spirit, and you truly are in a position to succeed beyond what you even dreamed for yourself. i believe that truth with my whole complete and total being. in life, work, love and existing.

dag, i totally was gonna blog something else... but what better time to testify than on a Sunday night...

oh wait a minute.. it's 1:03 so i guess it's monday morning, but i'm still feeling it.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

lyrics that were written before i knew i'd ever feel this way...

I want to spend the night with you forever
Every time we wind up
spending the night together
Do you ever feel it
I want to share my life with you forever
Every time we wind up
sharing a night together
Do you ever feel it

When I stay away from you
I never get to sleep
I try to hug my pillow
and pretend that you’re with me
But I can’t feel a it
Then when we are together
it’s right there for me to see
I can’t keep looking at loneliness
and try to call it freedom
Do you ever feel it

I want to spend the night
with you, forever
Every time we wind up
spending the night together
Do you ever feel it
Do you ever want to spend the night
Do you ever want to spend the night
Do you ever want to spend the night

~Bill Withers

Love me love me love me
Say you do
Let me fly away
With you
For my love is like
The wind
And wild is the wind

Give me more
Than one caress
Satisfy this
Let the wind
Blow through your heart
For wild is the wind

Touch me...
I hear the sound
Of mandolins
Kiss me...
With your kiss
My life begins
Youre spring to me
All things
To me

Dont you know youre
Life itself
Like a leaf clings
To a tree
Oh my darling,
Cling to me
For were creatures
Of the wind
And wild is the wind
So wild is the wind

Wild is the wind
Wild is the wind

~la NinaSimone

What are you doing the rest of your life?
North and south and east and west of your life
I have only one request of your life
That you spend it all with me

All the seasons and the times of your days
All the nickels and the dimes of your days
Let the reasons and rhymes of your days
All begin and end with me

I want to see your face
In every kind of light
In fields of dawn
And forests of the night
And when you stand before the candles on a cake
Oh, let me be the one to hear the silent wish you make

Those tomorrows waiting deep in your eyes
And the world of love you keep in your eyes
Ill awaken whats asleep in your eyes
It may take a kiss or two

Through all of my life
Summer, winter, spring and fall of my life
All I ever will recall of my life
Is all of my life with you, ooh, ooh

~Dusty Springfield (who i just realized was born exactly 40 years before me to the day: 416)

Saturday, January 20, 2007


.no one told me how much
were a part of the process of loving someone.

Monday, January 15, 2007

say word!

....it's amazing what you can get when you quietly, clearly and authoritatively demand it...

~meryl streep
.at the end of her
Golden Globe 2007 acceptance speech.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

this year.......

(dare i say it)
i'm REALLY going to do it.


Sunday, January 07, 2007

dag, i really feel like this chick......!

Whenever I feel like givin'up
Whenever my sunshine turns 2 rain
Whenever my hopes and dreams
Are aimed in the wrong direction
She's always there
Tellin'me just how much she cares
(Tellin'me how much she cares)
Tellin'me... she's always in my hair
(Always in my hair)

She's always in my hair
My hair

She's always in my hair


i really don't like living by myself...

when i start hearing NOISES in the apt that i don't normally hear...... and I'M THE ONE who has to investigate.... and it's hard to tell what it is making the noise.... or exactly where it's coming from... behind the stove???? under the fridge??? just outside the kitchen window?? air in the pipes? ...or something more "threatning"!?! yikes.....

today's been...

a good @$& day!!!

full of fellowship&friends. all day! FULLL of fellowship&friends.
i love fellowship&friends.

and i'm happy to be home now :)

i love coming home. just as much. to my home.
where it's just me.

Friday, January 05, 2007

today's been...

one of those days. the first day this year it's been one of THOSE days... not really a bad day. but a gray one. i don't mind the gray days... part of what makes life a quantifiable experience. but today i woke up on the wrong side of the right experience. woke up late after going to sleep late after deciding that i wasn't going to spend this year going to sleep at odd hours and waking up at noon. i didn't wake up after 12, but i was really tryin to get through this first week on an early wind. i guess i should mention that i decided to try and recommit myself to raw [primarily] green eating for twenty one days. i met a wonderful sillygurl friend at the end of last year who wanted to start the new year off doin this cleanse, so i decided to try it again. this time she's more enthused about it than i even started off being. i really want to eat. FOOD. you hear me. and it's only day five. i mean i'm not talkin junk food and such, i just want a warm dembellyfull delectably tasty meal... but thats not with this is about.. well i don't know what IT is about. It's just friday, ya dig. it's friday and i need a hug.

--------later on---------

...ok. i'd love to say that my mood is just a case of the grayfridays, but it's probably more of a moody's mood for love mood. doom. mood. doom... whatever. that. means... i went back and read through my postings from the beginning to the present, something i hadnt done til a friend told me she went through and read it. what stood out amongst the verboseness was a letter from my father. like so many times before, he offered words of wisdom regarding my feelings for a person i care deeply and passionately for. the thing is, i didn't listen.

if you make your case to someone about how you feel, you don't have to keep making it. you never have to mention it again until that person does. daddy said.

I haven't learned that lesson yet. even though it seems so simple. but as of late my simple ass seems to keep makin my case known. i can't help it. but i can't help also thinking i should stop. stop with the emails. stop with the IMs & the TMs. stop with the justsoyouknow's. just stop. cause he knows. if anything he knows. how i feel. i just have a hard time ignoring the something's thats there between us. and i feel compelled to water that something in hopes that it [continues to] flourish into something beautiful. (..........this rambling seems a bit reminiscent of a posting in august.......)

but how/when do u figure out when to stop doing what feels natural? it's as natural for me to
shower affection as it is for me to dance. (i do passion well.) i guess i should remind myself that i haven't necessarily been asked to stop with the showering. though i've asked if i should stop. cause i really wanna know but.. maybe i'm doin to much. i claim to be in the moment, but sometimes my moments are consumed with what is going to happen instead of focusing more on what is happening. AND now that i'm thinking (and OVERthinking) about it, i should (shoouuullldddd) spend less time tryin to FIGURE out so much. because ultimately i'll find out everything i'm supposed to find out. but its hard, man.... because i want to know just as much as i share. it's natural. it's hard.

(two hours later) ok... this neverending post has got to end. (it's technically a new day, so i'm destined to feel brighter when i wake up...)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

here's to.......

...more :* kisses *: in the new year...


Monday, January 01, 2007

be thankful 4 the encouragment we find in our lives...

a sisterfriend from college felt compelled to share this with me:

i only share my visions with those who appreciate them. or at least i think they do:

you are on an amazing path. if you think that you're living your dreams now, you have no idea what's to come.

i could tell you that i just thought of that but i didn't. it came to me a while ago and each time i've talked to you since.

just don't forget about us little people (hey, i'm 5'2" ;o) when you do it bigGER!!!

peace and ease.
love and light, Lyfe!

great quote to start off the new year...

...don't be afraid of the space in between your dreams and your reality...

~belva davis