Monday, December 04, 2006

this will probably become a poem at some point...

reaons why....

not because of the things you do
for me,
but because

are the person

who would do the things
that you do for me.

it drives me crazy that you won't say anything.
& that you'll deny b4 you'll confirm.
& that my conclusions are drawn based on conversations
of daysweeksmonths passed.
but you're here. & you've been here.
so i guess i know.

and yet none of these things either keep me from
or cause me to love

the part of you
i've come to know.

i do because it's comfortable.

random thoughts from 11/16 &11/20

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Breaker said...

__This is good, I like it, but lacks a little structure on it, dont take it personal....just my opinion.