Friday, December 29, 2006

the obligatory end of the yr i'm thankful for what's been and what's to come... (written is Las Vegas Airport)

i'm sayin...

it's been a good year. a. GOOD. year. a yr of blessings. and firsts. i can't plan for these things. i don't plan my life. never been good at it. but i trust GOD and i move fwd and i make it work. i read a post by a friend distinguishing the difference between the inconvenieces of life and the full on tragedies. i give thanx and hold my breath all at the same time that there's been no tragedies. my support is still in tact and they love me. God's grace is sufficient. i still peer out from rose-colored glasses, but yo, it's working. it keeps me sane. just a tool to keep my heart jumpin.

a yr of firsts.
first masters (well, probably only masters!)
first job that i feel like was really made for me
first time seeing War and the Rev Al Green
first all veggie all raw aww MAN fast... (and it won't be the last i guess...)
first time to chicago
first time on a lot of lil streets in manhattan
first time finding adventure on staten island
first time i liked a boy/and he liked me back just the same/and held my hand& my heart (even if he didn't mean to)
first time to vegas... as an adult!
first time indoor skydiving (!)
or probably a host of other random firsts that i feel lucky to have had...

i pray for a graceful new yr. God's grace and all that it entails. more firsts. a few follow-ups. more passion. more love. active love. proactive love. more roses. more rose colored glasses. or at least shades. more laughter. more embraces. more dance. more of the little things that shape the quality of life. because that other stuff is gonna be there. it's gonna be there. so may as well be peace.

if you see me in the new yr, and i've lost my grin, my dance, my knack for finding the silly in all things sane.... come and see about me. please.

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