Sunday, November 05, 2006

this one is takin it back for my kinfolk....

i got this email yesterday from Traci recounting those universal truths of growing up with lots and lots of sisters and brother and cousins and friends..... and it brought all these memories of my own wonderful existance as a child:

  • ...4th of July with the WHOOOLLLEEE family at Cerritos Park
  • sleeping two (or three) to a bed at Mommae's house in the summer
  • riding in THE TRUCK (four in the front- probably me and Kevin in between Mommae and Daddy Albert-- and E'RYBODY ELSE in the back) on the way to Magic Mountain once a year,
  • being scared to go in the BACK back yard cause that's where RED --Mommae's Doberman Pinscher-- was!
  • What about Beauty (that blue dog) in the back too, i don't remember what kind of mut she was but she WAS BLUE!!
  • the there was that cat Calico and the one my brother named Too Cool that would sit on his shoulder (I PROMISE I'M NOT MAKIN THIS STUFF UP!!!!)....
  • the PLASTIC COVERED COUCH with that crocheted orange, green and yellow blanket, and those decorative yarn diamond things on Mommae's bedroom wall!!
  • Playin in Daddy Albert's RECLINING CHAIR!!!! (and his cane) HAAA!!!!
  • The O'G Baby Blue CROWN VICTORIA!!
  • the Price is Right, Press Your Luck and WWF WRESTLE MANIA (with the rubber Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant and Randy Macho Man Savage and all the other figurines... AND the wrestling ring in the living room)
  • not to mention G.L.O.W. GORGEOUS LADIES OF WRESTLING (remember when that one wrestlers bone came out of her arm on TV!!!)....
  • Daddy Albert eating slices of buttered bread toasted in the oven's broiler...
  • couting pennies to get like 60 penny candy's from the ice cream truck (side note: i still hear that SAME ice cream truck song from the trucks here in NYC and it brings me back every time, man!!!)
  • and... AND feelin grown cause you could WALK TO THE MOMMA STO'!!!! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now THOSE were the days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok ps... who remembers when Mommae REALLLLYYY did not like us watching sitcoms cause it was tooooo much laughing???????

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