Monday, November 13, 2006

i haven't even slept tonight...

i mustve slept too much this weekend, cause i haven't even batted an eye, let alone yawned, like i'm sleepy...

meanwhile, i've learned all kind of random stuff about random stuff like:

  • me and kimora lee simmons possibly being kin (her maiden name is perkins)
  • mos def allegedly having married a woman in toronto this yr although not yet divorced from his wife of 10yrs.... and allegedly having 5 children, two from his first wife of whom he's sposed to be paying $10,000 child support A MONTH (sheeeeshh)...
  • both everlast and ice cube have been muslim for years (who knew...)
  • the islamic faith believes in an afterlife heaven/paradise and hell, though one frame of thought believes that any who end up in hell will eventually end up in heaven due to God's compassion
  • there are cities in the US and Canada with high muslim population that serve halal chicken mc nuggets and halal popeyes chicken
  • today there will be a groundbreaking ceremony for Dr King's monument on the national mall (the only non president monument on the mall), and the remaining 37 million needed to ensure completion of the monument by 2008 may be provided by oprah winfrey and russel simmons
  • karl marx converted to christianity.. i think
  • a sri lankan human rights lawyer and his body guard was assasinated a few days ago
  • Kent State is the first university to offer a degree in Conflict Resolution as a result of the May 4th Massacre
  • a [male] NJ music teacher is facing 30 yrs in prison for sexually assaulting a former [male] student who now has AIDS


  • ED BRADLEY undeniably could've been/ should've been my favorite uncle.

i should go to sleep soon.

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