Sunday, September 03, 2006

well... what can i say....

dag... today has been one of those days....

raining like crazy... sheets of rain... hurricane what's his name is doing the damn thing... been raining since last night but i managed to make it in before the deluge had a chance to drench me.... slept til i woke UP, which was around 2:30p (i don;t get to do that so often anymore with this grown up job), now its 2:15am and i probably won't be going to sleep for another few hours.

sooo (*sigh* i've been sighing a lot more lately) in keeping with the theme of the week, i've been keeping to my fonky little raw food regimen. i'm tired of it though. i want some good tasty cooked food... BUT, superficially speaking, in four days, my skin is looking comparatively healthier..... but this apples spinach kale juice is driving me cuckoo4cocoapuffs... and i don't even like cocoapuffs. wouldn't mind some honeynut cheerios and soy milk though.

BUT no need to really cheer for my success just yet..... in a moment of weakness i fell victim to the NATURAL (mind you) peanut butter pushed to the back of the cupboard by jamming my celery stick down into it.... you know how when claire was workin out with debbie allen so that she could fit into her gold embroidered reunion dress, and cliff- in all efforts to knock her off of the diet- cooked all that mexican food she loved, and she went down to the kitchen at like two in the morning and stuck the tortilla down into the guacamole in absolute extacy... yeah that was me just now, only instead of a corn tortilla chip it was a celery stick, and instead of (mmmm mmmm good) guacamole, it was peanut butter.

at first i tried to to just skim the top while taking large bites of the celery (which i really don't care for EVER) but it turned into more of a celery spoon for my peanut butter mouthfuls. i only ate a few of them, and dag did it hit the spot, but i stopped short of contentment and ate the rest of the celery sans peanuts or butter.

now my tummy hurts... go figure... and i'm hoping that i haven't reversed the affects of 4 days of skin nuturing with my one little slip-up. i guess its back to green juice in the morning.

...anyway, this is the second saturday in a row that i've been in the house all day. not that i can't go out and find something very newyorkish to do, but who wants to get soggy in heavy downpours?... i'm bored now. of course there's some writing or editing or perpetual straightening up that i can be doing, but i'm under my warm covers (gosh i love this heated blanket) missing what/whoever it is a gurl can miss on a saturday night.

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