Tuesday, September 19, 2006

this is the part where i retract my previous sentiments...

when u find someone in your life
who's actions
speak louder than their words
(or lack thereof)
who exists in a substantially positive way
& who's charater easily resonates &
influences u in ways that u need
& who makes u laugh
either with a quirky yet keen sense of humor
or by relentlessly tickling u
& who makes u think about
things u wouldn't ordinarily think about
or provides answers to questions u've always had
& has a genuine interest in your wellbeing &
a proactive way of showing it
(especially when it comes to terrifying incidents
with monster-sized flying waterbugs)...

...if someone like that appears in your life
don't question the validity or significance of it...

just take it for the blessing that it is
& do your part to keep it from
getting too complicated

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