Thursday, August 31, 2006

turning over a new arugula/endive/spinach leaf??

well, what can i say, i'm gettin off to a slow start but i'm happy to announce that i've successfully completed my first day ALL RAW of cleansing.... well, semi-successful, i mean i actually had fruit all day: a smoothie (a Purple Rain-- my favorite!!-- with banana/blueberries/ice), a plum, a nectarine, a peach, and an apple..... which technically negates the process of cleansing since fruit contains natural sugar :( but at least i didn't eat anything fried or baked or sauteed or flambe'd or well COOKED..... so to ME that's success!.... I also went to the Fairway and picked up $40 worth of green veggies.... what i realized is that fresh herbs (not HERBBBB but herbSSSS) smell soooooooo devine!!! my sensory buds were so ALIVE!!! (like that P.O.D. song: I-I-I/ I feel soooo ALIVE-E-E/ for the very first TIIIIMMMEE/ I can't deny You/ I feel so alive.....)

....... so i am pleased to realize that it wasn't as daunting as i played it up to be in my mind.. although this was just day one, and i did eat fruit all day. at least i had two ounces of WHEATGRASS which, by the way, also was not as frightful as i remembered....

so i had to come to the realization it's all a mind thing.. i'm sure i should've known that at first, and i probably did, but i think although we/people really aspire for positive change, sometimes we hold on to what IS with the fear that what WILL BE in some way won't measure up.. i had a lil "revelation" this morning when i was on the train, but all of a sudden (on the uptown 4 train)i had this alternate perspective on doing this cleansing diet: i thought about when you decide that you want to submit your life to Christ and live each day making choices based on the awareness that you are a Christian, you are able to (or at least are supposed to) filter (and sometimes abstain from) what you allow into your life (just
generally speaking). a lot of us struggle with KNOWING THAT we need to do/not do certain things and WANTING TO do/not do certain things, but we still CHOOSE to live as we have been, without the boundaries and filters that demarkate us as living with the awareness of being a Christian.... i don't know how this cleanse turned into a verbose spiritual conversation with myself, but whatever..... :)

so i mean, at least my desire to DO the cleanse (again just for SEVEN DAYS not necessarily twenty one) has shifted into a more positive proactive gear, i've bought bunches of veggies, spent FOREVER getting most of them washed (geeeezzzzz dirty a$$ vegetables), got my juicer all hooked up.. on to the morrow where i shall juice to my heart's (and healthy skin's) content....

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