Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Geeezz.. why am i stressin???

ok, FORREAL, i'm not feelin this all raw cleanse/diet i'm sposed to be starting sooner than later... i mean not at all..... the juicer arrived today, courtesy of mommy dearest... they weren't using it. the interesting thing is that i'd asked her to send it to me like two weeks ago before i'd even spoken to tegra about this whole raw food green juice cleanse revolution i seem to be embarking on. so it must've been in the cards to get it here and get to using it accordingly...

so... yeah, about that 21 DAYS thing... that scares me. i don't know why, but it does. my will power is lacking in a lot areas, i hate to admit. and i'm just feelin like i'm settin myself up to fail by attempting to abstain from all cooked foods not to mention fruits, crackers, breads, sauces and smoothies for 3 WEEKS. I just don't know. maybe it's not THAT long, but then again i've never done anything like this.... it's particularly daunting for reasons i can't even pinpoint... the anxiety is overwhelming and i haven't even started yet. well, i take that back, i'm not losing any sleep over it, but i'm definitely thinking about it a whole lot more than i probably should.... i think i'd better commit to a solid 7 DAYS of cleansing. like start tomorrow (Wed) with my greens and wheatgrass and water and things, and mentally hold it together until next tues... GEEZ. what in the woyld have i gotten myself into...... :(

On a HAPPIER note, Nick@Nite.com has reunion-like docu-footage of the A Different World cast w/ Debbie Allen. Did you know that she was the US Ambassador of Culture on Dance and has choreographed the Oscar's (or was it the Grammy's) for the past 10 years? Dope, right.... But there's interview's from Denise, Dwayne & Whitley, Ron & Freddie, and Jaleesa... oddly enough Kim Reese, Col. Taylor, Lena James & Mister Gaines weren't a part of the festivites... oh well! To all the die hard ADF fans, cheers!


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jewels0479 said...

Oh wow! That sounds really interesting. I'm all for a cleansing diet. The green vegi smothie sounds a bit extreme but I bet after the first 7 days you'll look and feel great and you won't even crave cooked foods anymore. Let me know how it goes.